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Mindscapes Zine


REPRINT! This time printed in full colour throughout and with a thicker cover.

A 44-page zine documenting personal accounts of band members suffering from mental illness. Features contributions from:

Dan Allen (Ducking Punches)
Ben (The 4130s)
Beth (Slowlight)
Mike Brown (Müg)
Kenni Campbell (The Sinking Feeling)
Alex Carney (Home Schooled)
Michael Clark (Felix Champion)
Damian (Hardships)
Damo (Allusondrugs)
Peter Fellowes (Southpaw)
Fraser (Get It Together)
Fraser (The Murderburgers)
Allan Gardner (Cavalcades)
Steven Hill (Slowlight)
Sam Jones (Ithaca)
Kim (Bad Luck)
Steve Larke (Darwin And The Dinosaur)
Si Martin (Junior)
Ewan Normand (Condolences)
Chainy Rabbit (OHHMS)
Ross (TFN Records)
Mike Scott (Lay It On The Line)
Thomas Smith (No Honour)